• tuesday, 28.07
    First coaching session is over
    Last weekend young directors Inese Mičule and Valters Sīlis started to work on their new productions. During two days their ideas were intesively discussed under the tutorship of their "coaches" - Michal Zadara from Warsaw and Rok Vevar from Ljubljana.


...TELL ME ABOUT... / theatre
Inese Mičule (Riga)
Director Inese Mičule
  • 05., 06. september 19:00
RIXC Media Space
11.novembra krastmala 35
in Latvian
Ls 3, 2 (with discount)



Inese Mičule (1979) immediately received attention from professionals and public when her graduation piece The Fundamentalist (a play by Finnish author Juha Jokela) was invited into the repertoary of New Riga Theatre by its artistic director Alvis Hermanis. After graduation of theatre directing at the Latvian Academy of Culture and a 6 month exchange stay in Helsinki Theatre Academy, Inese assisted Daile Theatre director Mihails Gruzdovs in the work with the Theatre's students. Now she is collaborating with the same actor group in her piece for Homo Novus - ...tell me about..
Inese admits that she considers herself to be a beginner and doesn’t try to belong to a particular aesthetical direction or platform. She believes in human emotions in theatre, and that’s the direction she wants to research.