• tuesday, 28.07
    First coaching session is over
    Last weekend young directors Inese Mičule and Valters Sīlis started to work on their new productions. During two days their ideas were intesively discussed under the tutorship of their "coaches" - Michal Zadara from Warsaw and Rok Vevar from Ljubljana.


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Inese Mičule (Riga)
Director Inese Mičule
  • 05., 06. september 19:00
RIXC Media Space
11.novembra krastmala 35
in Latvian
Ls 3, 2 (with discount)


Prove started as an invitation to young directors to put their ideas into a form of performance for the festival Homo Novus. This year we collaborate with two young and theatre directors - Valters Sīlis and Inese Mičule, who finished the thetare school only last year making a strong statement with their graduation pieces.

At the moment Valters and Inese are in the process of development of their works and to give them assistance and support, we have initiated a coaching project. Two international tutors will join Valters and Inese in short intensive workshops and together they will deal with the process of making a performance. The aim of the coaching is to deepen the way of working and thinking about dramaturgical issues and startegies of an art work.
The coaches are Michal Zadara, a Polish theatre director and scenographer, and Rok Vevar, a dramaturg, publicist and director from Ljubljana.