• tuesday, 28.07
    First coaching session is over
    Last weekend young directors Inese Mičule and Valters Sīlis started to work on their new productions. During two days their ideas were intesively discussed under the tutorship of their "coaches" - Michal Zadara from Warsaw and Rok Vevar from Ljubljana.


Kornel Mundruczo (Budapest)
Director Kornel Mundruczo
  • 10., 11., 12. september 19:00
  • 12. september 15:00
Square in front of Riga Congress house
K.Valdemāra 5
in Hungarian with Latvian translation
Ls 7, 5 (with discount)



Kornel Mundruczo (1975) is a well known European film director and the leading figure of Hungarian new cinema. A script writer, actor and director, he has become known for his portrayal of the outsiders of the society. His unusual, poetic world is inhabited by the harsh reality and everyday human violence.
His two first feature films Pleasant Days and Johanna were acclaimed by international film critics, and his third film Delta won the First Prize of the International Federation of Film Critics at the official competition at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. Since 2003 he has also worked in the theatre, cretaing shows such as The Ice and Nibelung-Residency. Kornel Mundruczo doesn't belong to any theatrr comapny and every time works with a different cast finding the most suitable actors for the roles - among them there are professional actors from Hungarian theatres, well known personalities of Hungarian art scene and amateurs.