• tuesday, 28.07
    First coaching session is over
    Last weekend young directors Inese Mičule and Valters Sīlis started to work on their new productions. During two days their ideas were intesively discussed under the tutorship of their "coaches" - Michal Zadara from Warsaw and Rok Vevar from Ljubljana.


GOD IS BEAUTY / theatre
Smeds Ensemble (Helsinki)
Director Kristian Smeds
  • 30. august 18:00
Riga Film Studio
Šmerļa street 3
3h40 (two intervals)
in Finnish with Latvian translation
Ls 7, 5 (with discount)


Based on the novel by Paavo Rintalan
Director and dramaturg Kristian Smeds
Actors Timo Tuominen, Tarja Heinula, Taisto Reimaluoto, Katja Kukkola
Musicians Juha Menna, Tuomo Kuurre, Tomi Rikkola
Light designer Minna Tiikkainen
Set designers Kristian Smeds, Riikka von Martens, Katriina Haikala
Technical directore Pietu Pietiainen
Photos Miska Reimaluodon
Producer Smeds Ensemble
Interpeter Maima Grīnberga
Premiere in 2000
Special thanks to Riga Film Studio and Lāču ledus